Little Fish, a rock duo from Oxford, is the work of singer songwriter Juju (electric/acoustic guitar/vocals), Ben (Hammond Organ) and Nez (drums/percussion). The sound of Little Fish is stripped back, direct, but also melodic and true to the song.

The song lyrics are often poetic, reflective and brutally honest. Juju's vocals can range from aggressive and powerful, to a bluesy Janis Joplin. On other tracks Juju's voice haunts and mesmerizes, but with the conviction of the spirit of Patti Smith. Nez's drums power the songs with upbeat, imaginative and vicious rhythms that combine with Juju's cutting guitar strokes and arresting vocals.

Unlike many musicians, Juju spent all her childhood without listening to, or playing music. It was only in her final years at school that she started to discover and explore music and writing. "I used to find the intensity of music was something deeper than I could handle. But there was a part of me that was very attracted to that intensity and I realized that I could express myself with it. So one day, I borrowed an old guitar, got a chord book and wrote a song".

Song had up until then been sleeping in her veins as both her French mother and grandfather were accomplished writers. But from then on, she endlessly wrote songs and busked them around Europe.

She met her talented drummer Nez when he approached Juju in a local Oxford chip shop when he overheard her slagging off drum solos to a friend. Nez has played drums since the age of 5. He developed his unique style with different bands playing everything from Big Band jazz to rock.

Their work came to the attention of world  renowned producer and songwriter Linda Perry who signed them to her Custard Records Label and they recorded their first album with her in Los Angeles. It is due out through Custard Records/Motown in November 2009.

They have performed many gigs round the UK and Europe and have recently supported Supergrass on a European Tour and Placebo on some UK dates.

The name Little Fish is the result of Juju's daydream "Feel free, I wake up in a head spin. I am me. I am just a Little Fish. I see what I see..."


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